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Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Seasonal Allergies

Discussion at Allergy General in the Environmental and Seasonal allergy treatment forum. Seasonal allergies affect all allergy sufferers differently. While some people might get allergy symptoms only during a particular month of the year, others could get allergy symptoms during some, or ...

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Default Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies affect all allergy sufferers differently. While some people might get allergy symptoms only during a particular month of the year, others could get allergy symptoms during some, or all, seasons; summer, fall, spring or winter. With each season, allergies abound. To find the actual cause of your symptoms, you will need to play the detective role in determining the timing of your seasonal allergy symptoms.

Cause and Symptoms of Summer allergies

In summer people get allergies due to various reasons including pollen, exposure to sun, ozone, chlorine in the swimming pool and dust mite.

Although the common misconception is that spring is by far the worst season for allergies, many people also suffer from summer allergies. The belief is that all the pollens go away after spring. The truth is, they donít. There is still pollen in the air in the summer, as well. The sources of pollen are grasses, weeds and trees. Many suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms as a result of the pollen and a common symptom of seasonal allergies in the summer is frequent sneezing. Other common seasonal allergy symptoms in the summer are watery eyes, runny nose, and itchy eyes.

Another less known summer allergy is a reaction to too much time in the sun. This is caused when their skin absorbs too much heat and, as a result, the symptom of this seasonal allergy is the skin becomes red and swollen. Too much sunlight can cause ozone in the air which is very dangerous to people with asthma since ozone can mix with oxygen reduce the amount of oxygen in the air.

Another cause for summer allergies results from an allergic reaction caused by swimming in a chlorine filled pool. For those people with the skin condition eczema, a pool filled with chlorine will cause your skin to get very dry and will aggravate the eczema.
Heat also helps dust mites breed in beds, fabrics and carpets due to humidity which can be a cause of allergies for a lot of people.

Solutions for summer allergies

You can lessen the symptoms by following a few easy steps. For pollen allergies, when you are indoors keep the air conditioning on. The air conditioner filters the air, and will filter out the pollen as well.
Next, avoid direct sun exposure during the hottest hours, 10:00 am through 4:00 pm. Another way to avoid these allergic reactions in the summer is limit your time swimming.

As for dust mite one should wash bed sheets on weekly basis and use products that kill or limit the growth of dust mites.
If your seasonal symptom is reoccurring eczema, stay out of pools. However, if you have eczema and just canít keep yourself from the pool, when you do go in the pool, use a cream such as Aquaphor, or Vaseline to protect your skin.

Finally, if over-the-counter medication isnít working, a more aggressive allergy seasonal treatment is to have allergy shots. These shots introduce allergens in microscopic amount into your blood stream, which helps the body learn how to deal with these foreign particles like pollen when they enter the body.

Cause and Symptoms of Winter Allergies

Ah, Ah, Choooooooo! When you hear that sound in the winter months, you assume the person has a cold. You may be surprised to find out that seasonal allergies do exist in the winter and a common seasonal allergy symptom in winter is sneezing. Although the pollen may be gone, mold and dust mites inside homes and offices now come alive. Mold and dust mites can also aggravate those people with asthma and cause asthma attacks. Another symptom of seasonal allergies is extremely dry skin or skin that breaks out. It can at times be so severe that your skin will crack and bleed.

Solution for Winter allergies

Again, help is available for the winter allergy sufferer if you follow a few simple steps. First, dust mites love humid conditions, so use a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels below 50% in your home. Next, try to stay in the house as much as possible and use a HEPA filter if you have indoor allergies. Asthma sufferers can use the natural treatment for seasonal allergies by always covering their face with a mask or scarf when they go outside to reduce the possibility of an asthma attack. Allergy seasonal treatment includes washing your bedding in hot water with a little bleach every week to kill the dust mites.

Cause and Symptoms of Spring Allergies

The most common spring allergy culprit is pollen. Pollens, as we all know, cause many seasonal allergies and symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, watering eyes, etc. Pollen can travel far distances and, with so much blooming in the spring, the pollen count tends to peak during those months, with the worst seasonal allergy symptoms appearing on windy days.

Solutions for Spring Allergies

Spring allergy sufferers should wear a mask over their mouth and nose when the pollen count is high. Also, like those with summer allergies, keep the air conditioner on and use an air filter, as both will filter pollen out of the indoor air. Symptoms of seasonal allergies will be at their peak at this time of year and you can expect to have more than your share of allergy symptoms and reactions. Another natural treatment for treating spring allergy symptoms is to use an air purifier in your home.

If you have frequent allergies during spring then you should proactively consult your doctor to understand the use of anti-histamines, decongestants, nasal sprays and eye drops and use it at the first sign of allergy symptoms so as to avoid avoiding worsening of the symptoms.

Cause and Symptoms of Fall Allergies

Pollens produced by ragweed are the biggest fall allergy triggers and will result in fall allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, etc. Almost 75% of the people with allergic reactions to pollen in the spring also suffer from pollen allergies in the fall. Allergies in fall are also common in children due to kids returning to school in the fall. Schools are a home for mold and dust mites and, for children with asthma, dust mites can be a serious trigger. Another fall allergy cause in kids is the use of chalk at school. The dust produced from the chalk can be another trigger for asthma.

Solutions to reduce Fall allergies

Here are a few ways to reduce fall allergy symptoms:
Avoid raking leaves, but if you do, wear a pollen and dust mask.
Use a humidifier to keep humidity between 35% and 50%.
If you go outside in the fall, take a warm shower and wash your body and hair when you come back inside, as pollen will stay in your hair until washed. Keep your windows in your house closed to prevent triggers from outside.

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